Apr 27, 2009

Super Suck Meets Swine Flu

Super Suck: The wind just broke my favorite tea cup in the whole wide world. The saucer was also chipped.

Seriously, how can I be expected to come up with a rock for this?

Rock: I do not have swine flu. Yet.

Apr 26, 2009

Allergies Suck The Rock Right Out Of Me

Suck: Heat, Allergies so bad it makes my teeth hurt. Seriously.

Rock: Sleep?

Apr 20, 2009

The iPhone Paradox

Suck: New iPhones can be tricky. You can think you hung up only to leave a long, somewhat inappropriate message for someone. Which you don't realize you are leaving.

Rock: New iPhones are fun! And most people are pretty forgiving. Especially if your accidental inappropriate message was also funny.
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Apr 16, 2009

What Rhymes With iPhone? Steak on a Stone!

Suck: The light in my old phone was refusing to turn off so my battery was dead as often as charged.

Rock: My husband got me an iPhone! It's shiny and pretty and fun!

Here is a picture of the big steak he ate after buying me the phone:

It is aptly named: The Everest.

Apr 15, 2009

And The Day Starts With A Bang

Suck: Daughter has a bump on the way to school. (With the car)

Bonus: It is tax day.

Rock: Police officer was great and it turns out we're (probably distant) relatives.

I hope this day ends with a whimper.

Apr 11, 2009

Spin The Wheel, Take Your Chances

Suck: Things are not as expected.

Rock: Sometimes they are better!

Apr 8, 2009

April Snow Showers

Suck: Snowy spring break.

Rock: Sitting with the cool kids.

Apr 2, 2009

Children are Wise

Suck: Fire and brimstone.

Rock: Jesus loves me!

Running From Scissors

Suck: Bad haircuts are cruel.

Rock: Unless you are a dog.

Apr 1, 2009

At the Airport

Suck: When someone you love is going away.

Rock: When they come back home!