Oct 23, 2011

For Everything (turn, turn, turn).. There Is A Season

Suck: Feeling impatient!

Rock: Something so wonderful is happening in your life you are feeling impatient about it. (They don't call it 'feeling like a kid at Christmas' for nothing.)

Jul 24, 2011

Sometimes an iPhone 3 is Better Than a New iPhone

Suck: You scroll through all the text messages on your phone and at the very bottom are the last messages you ever got from someone you'll never get to see or talk to again.

Rock: Nothing, not even death, can take away those memories from you.

Jan 7, 2011

Happy Endings

Suck: You are snuggled warm in bed and your husband wants you to go out into the 26 degrees bitter cold air with him.

Rock: Your husband wants to take you to dinner and a movie.

p.s. I highly recommend "The King's Speech."